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Pen&paper RPG: Italian Market – Publishers and distribution (Part 6/6)

Italian publishers and distributors don’t like taking risks. Usually they play it safe by waiting for a foreign success story and then cautiously try to translate and distribute the game as hardcover version only. Sometimes they plan a digital version of some supplements only months later.
That’s why RPG market in Italy is mainly focused on new versions of big classics, D&D clones of any sort and RPG based on movie blockbusters.
In Italy there are about 1200 RPG seller but there are no shop uniquely devoted to RPGs. In the past, RPGs were sold in game shop and bookshop but currently the market is limited to specialized shops and e-commerce websites. I think there are no more than 100 shops of this kind in Italy and they usually don’t request exclusive rights on distribution as they directly deal with publisher and sometime with authors themselves.

The only stores chain is “Games Academy” ( which is related to one of the most active distributor: “Giochi Uniti” (
Along with this main player there are other distributors:
– I Giochi dei grandi ( ): an online store which however doesn’t offer digital delivery service, likely because they also own traditional shops. – E-wyrd ( ): an online distributor that offers digital delivery.
– Raven distribution ( ): a minor online independent distributor.
And, of course, the most famous digital delivery platforms that support Italian language:
– (
– RpgNow (

PS: Crowdfunding is not yet a consolidated reality in Italy but there are some initial experiment such as Kickstarter and Ulule.


Table of Contents

  1. Pen&paper RPG: Italian Market – Foreword
  2. Pen&paper RPG: Italian Market – Short history of RPGs in Italy
  3. Pen&paper RPG: Italian Market – Italian Role Gamers
  4. Pen&paper RPG: Italian Market – Main Events and Fairs
  5. Pen&paper RPG: Italian Market – RPGs sales and shares
  6. Pen&paper RPG: Italian Market – Publishers and distribution

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